Hi fellow locked down folkies (and those that aren't locked down!)

You will probably have realised that, because of the continuing uncertainty, the  situation regarding the club is constantly being reviewed.


Just to keep you in the picture, since my last email a couple of weeks ago we have.............

postponed the Richard Digance concert which was due for 25th June......Richard will now be visiting us on 29th October.

also postponed the Bob Fox concert which was due on 11th June and are currently negotiating a new date with Bob for later in the year.

We are in the process of rebooking any other artists that we have been forced to cancel....

Dan McKinnon (Canada) and Tania Opland & MIke Freeman (USA) have been rebooked for 2021

We are discussing dates with Anna Ryder and Kenny Spiers for later this year.

After we have sorted the above, we have one or two dates still free this year and we are looking to fill those with artists, in particular the full time professional ones, who were to have appeared at the Festival


With regard to artists, particularly the full time professional ones, they are struggling and it might be a nice idea to venture onto their web sites and, with the money you are saving be not going out, purchase a CD or two.


It is likely that the club will remain closed until the end of June at the earliest but we will keep you posted should this change.


In the meantime, we are posting clips from singers and hints and tips of where you can get your "folk fix", particularly from those artists who would have been at the club, on the Facebook page and, possibly on the web site.


More news as we get it..........


In the meantime, look after one another and, please, stay safe

Bob x