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Parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Folk Clubs, PTA’s, Folk Nights, Barn Dances, Retirement Homes.

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Need some help?-

If you want any help setting-up your particular "bit of a do" just give us a call.

We've been doing it for years and can advise you on venues, refreshments, tickets and just about anything.

Solo- Bob

 Bob has recently worked up a series of talks with musical accompaniment on subjects ranging from The Life and Times of Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack, The Music Halls, Mines Mining and Miners which are ideally suited for Townswomen’s Guilds, Women’s Institutes and like organisations not restricted to gender.

Alternatively as a barn dance caller either with a band or to recorded music - or why not combine the two - a barn dance to recorded music with a bit of a sing and a bit of a chat - anything's possible


MamwiG are just a couple of blokes who enjoy each others company and sense of humour especially when they are making music (which is most of the time).

Both of them have played (and continue to play) both solo and with other bands of various musical persuasions at a variety of venues and decided to pool all of this experience into a small (but beautifully formed!) self contained unit with the specific aim of spreading happiness throughout the land.

The musical content is eclectic covering standards, modern country, and current popular music as well as the odd sprinkling of music hall and comedy with the odd folk song thrown in for good measure, which makes them an ideal choice for larger parties, restaurants, dinner music for weddings, Masonics etc.


 Fairfield have recently undergone a dramatic transformation, following the departure of long serving member John Connor for a well deserved retirement in Devon,  from the three piece folk band that played the residency at Bromsgrove Folk Club for over 20 years to a new four piece line up…..with a dramatically reduced average age!!

Their music is still folksy and they are known to perform the odd traditional ditty. However, they include in their repertoire classics from the likes of John Denver, Sting and The Dixie Chicks. The new line-up has enabled more instrumentation into the arrangements along with the harmonies which became a trademark of the old band.

Never happier than when in front of a live audience, they will make you laugh and they will make you cry. They will make you listen and they will make you join in.

Whatever happens, you cannot ignore them!!

Quartet -

 "5 Bar Gait"

If Barn Dancing is your desire then you will go a long way to find a better band than this.

"5 Bar Gait" (good name for a quartet!) believe that dancing should be fun and specialise in playing for people who don't take things too seriously.

Two callers will tell you what you should be doing and keep an eye on you while you are doing it. The band plays traditional tunes from Britain, the Americas and Europe on a variety of instruments. When you get tired or want a breather or a quick drink, they will entertain you with their own particular brand of vocal music.

The Musicians

Bob Bignell (Bob, Mamwig, Fairfield, 5 Bar Gait)

(Guitar, bass guitar, things to bang and Vocals) Brummie singer, guitarist, barn dance caller, dancer, story teller (especially to his wife) and actor with a fund of one liners, who has been "doing" clubs, pubs, parties, church socials, weddings and funerals almost non-stop since he left school in the late fifties. Enjoys nothing more than a good party (especially when he’s getting paid for it). Bob is the good looking one who wrote this!

Luke Smith (Fairfield, 5 Bar Gait)

(Guitar, Banjo and vocals) A fine singer and instrumentalist with a unique style, Luke has been around Bromsgrove Folk Club and Fairfield since he was a teenager so was an ideal shoe-in when 5 Bar Gait required a new lead instrument. With the departure of long standing member John Connor, Luke was equally first choice to provide the boost to take Fairfield into the next era.

Mark Evans (5 Bar Gait)

(Guitar and vocals) As one half of well established duo (and occasionally bigger band) Red Shoes. Mark brings tremendous public performance experience to the band and is adept at keeping rhythm essential part of any dance band....and is rarely seen without a smile on his face.

Lewis Jones (Fairfield, 5 Bar Gait)

(Melodeon, mandolin and vocals) A fine musician especially considering his tender years, Lewis first came to our notice during a session at Bromsgrove Acoustic Café. Well known in Morris circles, Lewis provides depth of sound in both Fairfield and 5 Bar Gait and seems to be able to turn his hand to any instrument he can get his hands on!