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Mail: Here is an opportunity to compile a list of your favourite Folk Quotes & Heckles.  Here are few gems :- Send an e-mail to Pat Costello and to include yours choice! Request from a bloke before the start of the "Fairfield" Lions gig at Malvern Closing comment by Bob Bignell  after the "Fairfield" Concert at  Bromsgrove Folk Club Derek Brimstone after Bob forgot to turn out the house lights Dave Sealey  at Bromsgrove Voice from the audience Vin Garbutt on stage, heard by Neil Payne  at Bridgenorth John Connor introducing Graham Collins at one of Bromsgrove Folk Club's Singin & Suppin Nights Question asked of your resident band at the recent  St Godwald's  Concert Ex barrister John Thompson of Cloudstreet Audience question to 3 Kings of Orient at 2015 “Panto” Abi Swarbrick's excuse after fluffing her flute solo at Bromsgrove Folk Club’s Christmas Party 2008 Folk Club organiser referring to the guy who booked Fairfield at his club Gerry Colvin responding to Bob's thanks for being patient after sound check difficulties ColvinQuarmby Colum Sands Anthony John Clarke